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Debt Consolidation – Kent (WA)

Debt Consolidation Loans Kent WA

If you happen to be researching Kent debt consolidation assistance, we can help.

Generally, debt consolidation in Kent means enrolling in a debt management plan. Your debt specialist will negotiate more favorable rates and terms from your credit card companies.

To understand which method is best for you, chat with a licensed Kent debt consolidation advisor.

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Credit Card Consolidation: Kent, WA

Credit Card Consolidation Programs Kent WA

Virtually every Washington resident has a visa or mastercard nowadays, and a lot of them don’t pay down their monthly balance. Fortunately, there are solutions available.

Do you want to get out of debt in less time, with less interest and fees? If so, you should probably take part in a debt management plan. A debt management plan provides lots of advantages:

  • Lower Payment
  • More Affordable Interest
  • Reduced Late Charges

Furthermore, this is one of the most affordable ways to consolidate credit debt in Kent, WA.

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Kent, WA Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation loans come in two varieties: unsecured personal loans and home equity loans, of which the second is most typical.

The multitude of payments you were posting to numerous collectors will be replaced by a single monthly installment, your loan’s payment. Keep in mind, plenty of consultants would agree that credit counseling would be a better option. Wondering if a debt consolidation loan is best for you?

Debt Consolidation vs Settlement: Kent (WA)

Quite a few consumers believe that debt settlement and consolidation are the exact same thing. They are not. Debt settlement leads to a real decrease in your debt.

However, debt settlement is bad for your credit scores. And keep in mind that you have to pay taxes on the debt savings, as if it were income. Because of this, debt settlement should be addressed with a trained specialist to be sure that you recognize the risks.

To decide which approach is right for you, we suggest you check with a qualified debt professional.

Kent, WA Debt Analysis

Debt Consolidation Loans Kent WA

To determine if debt consolidation is something you should pursue, you need to understand the relation of debt to income.

The table below shows you the optimum debt load for a typical Kent consumer:

Annual Income Per-Month Income Recommended Monthly Debt Excessive Monthly Debt
$22,721 $1,893 $681 $947

Of the 131,015 residents of Kent, 10,982 can only afford to make their monthly minimums. Does that sound like you?

Debt Consolidation Companies: Kent (WA)

  • Jump, Jay – Jump Law Group, 528 2nd Ave S, 98032

Debt Collection Agencies in Kent (WA)

  • Accelerated Collection Services, Inc., 6642 S 193rd Pl Ste N107, 98032-3109