Debt Relief

How To Pay Off Your Debt Faster

Having bad credit and a lot of debt can make your life incredibly difficult. Not only does your credit and credit history influence a lot of big decisions in your life, but it’s also something that is tied directly to your ability to get a house, rent a home, buy a car, and many other […]

The BHPH Conundrum

Each year, thousands of Washington consumers choose to purchase cars from “Buy Here, Pay Here” car dealers, known in the auto industry as BHPH. The reasoning is simple:  these dealerships will allow customers to finance vehicles, even if they have major credit problems stemming from bankruptcy or repossession or other such issues. For most people […]

4 Tips For Saving Money While Back To School Shopping

Can you smell it? It is the smell of new clothes, fresh glue sticks, and the depression oozing from every pore on your childrens’ bodies. It is back to school time. For parents it is a time to celebrate the impending quiet and fear the upcoming expenses. Here are four tips that may help you […]

Financial Planning Tips For Same-Sex Couples

As America moves toward approving same-sex marriage in more states, the pressure grows on the Federal government to accord same-sex unions the equal status to more traditional marriages. Despite this move toward acceptance, same-sex couples still face some unique challenges in their personal finances. Here are a few tips that may help. The first tip […]

5 Tips To Save Money On Food Each Week

The weekly slog to the grocery is a true pain in the backside. It is often crowded and there is no running in for just a few items. Food is the largest recurring expense that many families have. Here are five ways that you could lower your weekly grocery bill. Wednesday is when many retailers […]

How To Keep Your Savings Resolutions

Every year we all say we need to save more and claim that this is the year that it is going to get done. Some of us even get so far as creating a budget before giving up on the notion. One of the biggest problems with saving is that it often requires self-denial, an […]