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4 Tips For Saving Money While Back To School Shopping

Can you smell it? It is the smell of new clothes, fresh glue sticks, and the depression oozing from every pore on your childrens’ bodies. It is back to school time. For parents it is a time to celebrate the impending quiet and fear the upcoming expenses. Here are four tips that may help you save money while back to school shopping.

Stick to the list. It may sound great to get a few little ”extras” for your children, but will they be more prepared for school or will you just be wasting cash?

Generic, generic, generic. It is hard to go wrong with generic versions of school supplies. Take glue sticks for example. Elmer’s glue sticks cost about $2.25 for two. RossArt sells two for 99 cents.

Reuse last year’s leftovers. Did you buy too many folders, are the scissors still in good shape, can those crayons make through another year?

Can you get a better deal on larger quantities? Calculate the overall cost per unit, then decide. Your kids will probably needs pens and pencils next year. Paper, too. Maybe you could spend more this year to set yourself up for savings next time around.

These tips may sound a bit basic, but are often overlooked. Be sure to look for more savings in your local paper when the coupons come out this week.