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5 Tips To Save Money On Food Each Week

The weekly slog to the grocery is a true pain in the backside. It is often crowded and there is no running in for just a few items. Food is the largest recurring expense that many families have. Here are five ways that you could lower your weekly grocery bill.

  1. Wednesday is when many retailers issue new coupons. It is also a day that most of them are still honoring the coupons from last week. Double the savings opportunity.
  2. Trying baking. Most of the items in the bakery will cost you 100-300 percent more than buying the individual ingredients.
  3. Start cooking at home more often. Eating out is fun and buying prepackaged meals is convenient, but both cost at least 40% than making the same meal yourself.
  4. Look at offers closely. Buy three get on free sounds like a bargain, but if you look at off-brands you may find that you can get four cans for less than you would have spent on the so called deal.
  5. Stop being brand loyal at the grocery. Name brand foods generally cost at least 20% more than discount brands. What makes brand loyalty even less sensible is that many of the discount items are made on the same processing lines as the name brands. Nothing changes other than the labeling.

The grocery store is a black hole from which your hard earned cash will never return. Take care and it will suck less of it out.