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How To Keep Your Savings Resolutions

Every year we all say we need to save more and claim that this is the year that it is going to get done. Some of us even get so far as creating a budget before giving up on the notion. One of the biggest problems with saving is that it often requires self-denial, an ability that very few people have. The secret to saving more and meeting your financial goals may not be any more mysterious than changing your way of thinking about saving money.

Start with goals. Something as simple as a new set of tires or a more adventurous item like a trip overseas. Find out exactly how much that goal costs currently and write that down. Now, decide when you will be needing those tires or taking that trip. Third, figure out how many pay periods there are between now and your goal, then do a little division. Put the money in a jar or bank account, but keep the total on a piece of paper in that jar or on the first page of the savings register.

So, what is the tip or mystery that has been revealed here? Humans are visual creatures. A budget is an abstract concept for the most part. By making your savings goal something that you can actually see, you may make it easier for yourself to save.